The matrix

As I talked about in one of the first posts in this blog, the future will bring a lot of scifi like developments in eLearning.

The brain works quite like a computer, writing memory to disk, ram is short term memory and the Harddrive is our long term memory. the-matrix

Scientists have started working with theory and can see no reason why we cannot download memory, through a chip implanted in the head which is connected to the hippocampus which will then write the information into long term memory.

This sounds crazy but they have already successfully experimented with rats by recording the brain information caused when a rat remembers something and then implanting that information back in the rats brain, causing the rat to remember that information.

They have also, removed bad memories such as that they should fear certain locations, ie where a cat might make its home, causing the cat to enter this area with no recollection of it being a place it should fear.

If and when this technology becomes available, it could mean, bypassing the learning process altogether and also greatly enlarging our capacity for retaining information.

This would more than likely have so major social and moral issues as a consequence but that is another discussion.


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