Gone are the days…..

eLearning has come a long way from its humble beginnings. The emergence of new technologies being rolled out and an incredible rate and the new wave of superfast broadband internet has completely changed the landscape of eLearning.

With this comes new expectations.

Real-time collaboration is becoming more and more sought after as a cheap and effective way of delivering classes and tutorials and other learning.

The internet has come into a golden age with the rolling out of fast broadband and with it the expansion of possibilities. This is key for the delivery of eLearning.

The old days of eLearning through the post which would mean days or even weeks between feedback from teachers and lecturers are gone.

“The general population’s willingness to search for and act on information, as well as interact with others 106-chat_logoin authentic ways–regardless of location–has begun to carry over to real-time collaboration and online learning. ”


This type of learning is not just for traditional colleges and schools. Even though the likes of ‘Open University’ have been around a long time, the new advancements in eLearning will completely change the way they do things and for the better.

Examples of real-time collaboration tools: chat rooms, skype, social media, bootcamp


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