My Assumptions (What I have heard)

From what I have learned or heard over the last couple of years (no research), the possibilities of 3D printing are endless!

The emergence of this technology could eventually bring about the biggest change in World society ever.

It could spell the end for capitalism as we know it, or from the threat of this could be the dawn of a more strict and authoritarian society.

But maybe we are getting ahead of ourselves.

Once someone owns a 3D printer, which are relatively cheap, one can just download the plans or blueprints from the net and print themselves anything from a house to an automobile or even a gun.

Nasa have already printed engine parts which could be used in space missions and are already in the process of building a purpose built printer which they will they will deposit on the International Space Station (ISS) which will allow the astronauts on the station to print spare parts or special custom built tools for specific jobs for maintenance of the station or any visiting vessel. This will dramatically cut costs of Space based research.

Even more exciting, is what it means for space exploration and colonisation of the likes of Mars.

The first artificially printed burgar was recently created using actual cloned cells from a cow. This could lead to a fix for world hunger.

As I have said many times in this post, the possibilities are endless and we are at the cusp or dramatic change. Lets hope it is for the best!!


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